Premier League: Top 11 Worst Role Models

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentMarch 22, 2012

Premier League: Top 11 Worst Role Models

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    Whether footballers like it or not, they are role models because they are in the public eye. 

    The more prominent they are, the more influential they become. 

    No one is asking footballers to be the Dalai Lama—just behave in a socially acceptable manner. 

    Unfortunately, many professional footballers cannot avoid the pitfalls of fame. 

    Here are the top 11 worst role models playing in the Premier League. 

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11. Jermaine Pennant

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    Jermaine Pennant just simply doesn't get it: curb the drinking. 

    It's 2012, he's 29 years old, and he's still out drinking until 5am on the day of the match. 

    My favourite Pennant story was when he supposedly forgot about his Porsche in Spain. Apparently he left it there on purpose because he can. 

10. Jack Wilshere

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    Jack Wilshere was warned for common assault after being involved in a street fight. 

    He also attempted to spit on a taxi driver who was wearing a Tottenham Hotspur hat. 

    Factor in Wilshere's horrific and disgraceful tackle on Nikola Žigić and you have a youngster who has some anger management problems. 

9. Wayne Rooney

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    Whether it's consistently cheating on Coleen, showing the world his proficiency with profanity, or lashing out, Wayne Rooney has been a terrible role model. 

8. Mario Balotelli

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    Mario Balotelli gave tribute to Guy Fawkes by accidentally setting his house on fire. 

    What does the Italian do when he's bored? He throws darts at youth players. 

7. Ashley Cole

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    Forget about accidentally shooting a student with an air rifle, what possessed Ashley Cole to cheat on Cheryl?  

6. Carlos Tévez

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    Carlos Tévez is one of the most unprofessional footballers in the world. 

    Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness accurately summed him up:

    "Every time he opens his mouth, it’s a different reason for him wanting to leave Man City. He is a disgrace to football. He epitomises what the man in the street thinks is wrong with modern footballers."

5. Luis Suárez

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    Luis Suárez has found a variety of ways to make himself arguably the most hated player in the world. 

    The most egregious violation was when he went Edward Cullen and bit Otman Bakkal. 

4. John Terry

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    John Terry has a chequered history of disgraceful behaviour. 

    Abusing American tourists after 9/11 is downright hideous. Cheating on his wife with Vanessa Perroncel, the ex of England teammate Wayne Bridge, was a dog act. 

    If I was Anton Ferdinand, I wouldn't shake Terry's hand. 

3. Ryan Giggs

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    Ryan Giggs would have been on top of my role models list...that was until everyone found out his good guy image was just a fraud like Tiger Woods. 

    It's one thing for Giggs to cheat on his wife with Imogen Thomas—it's another to steal his brother's wife. 

2. Andy Carroll

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    Andy Carroll has had a drinking problem, allegedly beat up his ex-girlfriend, broke Steven Taylor's jaw, and plead guilty to glassing someone in a night club. 

    Carroll has no class on and off the field. 

1. Joey Barton

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    The tragic part of Joey Barton is that he's capable of playing great football. 

    Unfortunately he is prone to thuggish acts, or in the case of getting Gervinho sent off, cheating.

    I remember when he was at Manchester City; he was out of control crazy when it came to enforcing in midfield.

    That was the time when he beat Ousmane Dabo, his own teammate, to a pulp, which led to a stint in jail. 

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