Mike Tyson Stops to Help Wrecked Motorist

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 22, 2014

AP Images

You're whipping down the freeway on a low-slung street bike.

It's unclear how fast you're going, but you're not going slow. A giant yellow blur suddenly crosses your vision, and you're airborne, flipping end over end on the asphalt.

You land in a heap—broken and bloody but alive. You need help, and you're vaguely aware of a stranger rushing to your side. A hand touches you, and your eyes struggle to focus.

Over the next few moments, you slowly realize Mike Tyson is crouching over you in the middle of the highway, purring soft words of encouragement. You blink twice to be sure and quickly realize your day just got a lot weirder.

That is likely more or less the series of events recently experienced by Ryan Chesley—a motorist who found himself being rescued by the former pro boxer in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

TMZ reports that Chesley was zipping down the freeway toward Las Vegas this past week when a cab driver cut him off and sent him tumbling from his bike.

Matt Sayles/Associated Press
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Chesley told TMZ that Tyson saw the accident occur and stopped to help, blocking off traffic and attempting to pacify him until EMTs could arrive.

According to TMZ's report, Chesley suffered broken bones, nerve damage, and extensive shoulder and muscular injuries in the wreck but will survive. The motorist mentioned to the website that he owes Tyson a "thank you note and a gift basket."

As far as traumatic incidents go, "highway motorcycle accident" is under only "fighter plane ejection" and "decompression sickness" in terms of completely disorienting situations. I can only imagine trying to come to grips with a high-speed accident while Mike Tyson tells me, "You're cool, man. We lost Omar, but we ain't losing you."

But such is life: a strange and precious adventure with weirder-than-fiction twists. Sometimes bad things happen, and pro boxers are there to help you back up.

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