1. Tony Bennett on Virginia Upset to UMBC: 'We Got Our Butts Whipped'

    University of Virginia head basketball coach Tony Bennett gave full credit to the UMBC Retrievers, who became the first No. 16-seeded men's team to defeat a No...

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  2. Winners and Losers from Day 2 of the NCAA Tournament

    It didn't come with a dramatic finish like the Christian Laettner shot, and it wasn't a great game, but UMBC 's win over Virginia on Friday night was one of those "remember where you were when you saw it" games that come along only so often in sports..

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  3. NCAA Bracket 2018: Highlighting Favorites and Cinderella Teams for March Madness

    As the NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket was revealed Sunday, experts and fans alike were quick to point out which teams should go far in the Big Dance, as well as programs that are going to cause trouble as lower seeds...

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