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I'm from a little town called Pottstown that's right on the outskirts of Philadelphia. I'm really tired of the stereotype that Philly fans are horrible and unintelligent, so I'm here to prove them wrong

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  • Bernie Ollila posted 1930 days ago

    Bernie Ollila

    Hi Brady,

    Thanks for seeking my opinion!

    I think the Eagles' best bet is Jon Gruden, but I don't see him coming to Philly because Andy Reid is Gruden's friend--Gruden wouldn't just jump in someone's grave like that. It'd be disrespectful.

    That said, I think the front office should have the sense to see that coaching makes all the difference in the NFL. Case and point: Harbaugh in SF and Wade Phillips and the Houston defense.

    I'd like to--and I think I will--see a coordinator come in. Someone like Tom Clements, or one with a similar resume running a high-powered offense, even though they should go with a defensive-minded guy.

    Look at SF and Houston: if they get the right coach, of course they could compete this year! They have a bunch of proven veterans on both sides of the ball who are struggling immensely in a system that doesn't play to their abilities.

    As far as team needs go, we all know they need to replenish that O-line. They should draft a QB--see Foles for what he is until he gives you reason to believe otherwise. Safety, and WR. WR is the second biggest need next to the O-line. They need a big #1 kind of guy. They haven't had one since TO, and those guys make all the difference.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!



  • Matt Boczar posted 1944 days ago

    Matt Boczar

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Brady! You made some good points on those players, I just hope whoever the team signs/acquires helps start another streak of division titles. Thanks for reading!

  • Bernie Ollila posted 1959 days ago

    Bernie Ollila

    Hi Brady,

    Thanks for becoming a fan! I appreciate that!



  • Robert Knapel posted 1960 days ago

    Robert  Knapel

    Thanks for becoming a fan Brady.

  • Tom Mechin posted 1961 days ago

    Tom Mechin

    Thanks for becoming a fan...I intend to prove that Phillies fans are just as intelligent and passionate are some counterparts, and despite what our reputation is we're not all bad.

  • Alec Snyder posted 2000 days ago

    Alec Snyder

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Brady! I've been busy as of late but I'll be drilling out a new piece tomorrow. Hope to see you around B/R!