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Sean O'Donnell is a breaking news writer here on Bleacher Report.

Former golf professional -- not a hockey player.

"When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less." - Paul Brown

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  • B Cox posted 1174 days ago

    B Cox

    Dude, you called the Fiesta Bowl score. Nice!

  • Vernon Tyler posted 1248 days ago

    Vernon Tyler

    I dont understand your ncaa playoff rankings? If a Team is in a Eligible Confference and they are unbeaten why should a 1 loss team be able to get in before them. As right now they 4 team playoffs should be the only 4 unbeaten teams in ncaa, not a 1 loss team, you had your shot you loss. Dont make a conference eligible for the playoffs if your not ever gonna put them in it.

  • Michael Jets-Fan posted 1301 days ago

    Michael Jets-Fan

    I just read your Preseason Division-by-Division Predictions for the 2014 Season and had recently done a similar exercise myself. I thought your records looked awfully high so I did the math. It is impossible enough to make predictions that end up being close to reality but it is a mathematically impossibility for your predictions to come to fruition. There are a total of 256 regular season games but when I added up the Wins and Losses from your predicted records, it added up to 271 wins and 241 losses. Both should obviously add to 256. I have a spreadsheet where you can predict the winner of each game and it will generate the teams’ records for you. If you’d like a copy of the spreadsheet you can direct message me at @BlogLikeAJet

  • Timothy Payne posted 1589 days ago

    Timothy  Payne

    Hey Sean,

    I have a question(s) for you. Do you think there is a possibility that the Packers will go for Ed Reed? I am only asking do to the lack of production at that position. Also what do you think the team will focus on once the season is said and done? Draft possibilities?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Carlos Hernandez posted 1609 days ago

    Carlos Hernandez

    Please don't write again about the Rams. Thanks and have a good day.