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  • Adam Autismy posted 328 days ago

    Adam Autismy

    Hi Adam,

    Do you have autism? Also can you get a message to all your juve followers? JUVE MERDA

  • Nabin Paudyal posted 943 days ago

    Nabin Paudyal

    Hi Adam,

    I have been accepted in Writer's program on Bleacher Report but have no idea on how to post articles. What should I do? Thanks in advance.


  • Andy K posted 1312 days ago

    Andy K

    Everyone's been talking about Italy just didn't show up for the game on Friday. I've noticed this so many times in the past. A team that's doing really well suddenly stops in its tracks. How is it that all 11 players, at the very same time, "turn off"? Surely not everyone was either injured or feeling the heat or not in form. Adam, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Anthony DeLorenzo posted 1315 days ago

    Anthony DeLorenzo

    Adam, I have a request of you. The situation for the Azzurri defense is starting to look scary. If Barzagli and DeSciglio are hurt bad enough to be kept out, and with Paletta playing poorly, what are the prospects? Do Bonucci and Abate inspire any confidence? What tactical changes could Prandelli employ to make up for this problem? It would be nice if you could address this in an article before Friday's match with Costa Rica. Thank you. P.S. any chance of getting any of those '82 defenders out of retirement and down to Brazil?

  • Anthony DeLorenzo posted 1316 days ago

    Anthony DeLorenzo

    Adam, thank you so much for your superb article on the '82 Azzurri squad. They are my all-time favorite team and made me fall in love with this sport, despite growing up in the land of baseball and (American) football. You've done a great job; I am printing out the article and keeping it. Even the greatest matches are over after 90 minutes, so it is the journalistic endeavor which preserves the game, allows us to re-live and re-imagine it, and which enshrines it in eternity so that our historical appreciation is expanded and deepened. It is a noble tradition which you serve so well. Please see my comments at the bottom of your article, in answer to those who prefer to stay locked within the narrow frame of their own immediate purview. Keep up the great work, and enjoy the '14 Cup.

  • Richard Hall posted 1477 days ago

    Richard Hall

    Great articles Adam. Check out my page on here and have a read

  • David Tenenbaum posted 2702 days ago

    David Tenenbaum

    Hey, I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my latest article on Juve, and maybe gave me some input

  • Marco F. C. posted 2770 days ago

    Marco F. C.

    you know you want to agree with this...


  • Marco F. C. posted 2809 days ago

    Marco F. C.

    Adamo don't know if you care about NBA, but I just wrote my first basketball piece on BR, and if you don't give me some positive feedback, I don't know who would... advertising space!


  • Jamie H posted 2839 days ago

    Jamie H

    That's fair enough, I see what you mean about there not being anything to remember heysel by. I think there has been suggestions of a memorial or a garden perhaps to remember heysel, but for whatever reasons it has not been developed. Maybe it's something which should be started up again...

    But despite the lack of a physical memorial for heysel in Liverpool, we Liverpool fans do remember it with great sadness and regret. It was a bad time for football, not just liverpool fans. Many matches were tainted by bad crowd trouble, much more than today.

    Liverpool fans charged, they shouldn't have, the stadium was in poor condition, and unfortunately the wall collapsed, but obviosuly a huge pasrt of the blame lies with Liverpool.

    Every fan I've ever talked to is ashamed of that day. Our fans acted terribly and Juve fans tragicly died. It was a very dark day, and I know as a club, Liverpool FC is very sorry.