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  • fatihin nurul posted 191 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • John Kosciusko posted 363 days ago

    John Kosciusko

    "Phelps' cup had "The GOAT" (greatest of all time) written on it, which is funny." Incorrect. "Phelps's cup..." Never should the "s" at the end of a proper name be used as a plural. Check your stylebook.

  • Russell Flewellen posted 565 days ago

    Russell Flewellen

    youre Kaep article could also have some white veterans in support of him on it man. You are clearly trying to create an image whether subconsciously or not with your article.

  • Mohamed Mohamud posted 698 days ago

    Mohamed Mohamud

    Huge fan!

  • JC McNZ posted 787 days ago

    JC McNZ

    So, having Zaza as an all-star starter is a crisis? What about Dwyane Wade and Kobe being in there? Kobe is a waste on the court and the Heat are better off without Wade. Zaza's got more win shares than these guys AND Melo, averages a double-double for the season, and is a top-10 (maybe top-5) center in the league. God forbid should a center be a starter in this all-star game, because fan voting is such a joke (proof shown in the NHL). You're not a hack for writing about this, you're a hack for criticizing this guy for having a good season.

  • RP Horshok posted 831 days ago

    RP Horshok

    How did Jackson "redeem" himself? When he fielded the kick, the Redskins had the opportunity to take the lead. After a bonehead run, followed by a fumble, he virtually gave the Cowboys the lead on a silver platter. His touchdown only re-tied the game, and gave the ball back to the Cowboys. Redemption usually means putting himself back into the same situation. He didn't.

  • Skip E. Bayless posted 831 days ago

    Skip E. Bayless

    Really he "burned" a defender. Maybe you get your unathletic a** outside you would know that was an average alley oop. Please stfu and don't make us hate porzingis with these unnecessary articles.

  • Skip E. Bayless posted 831 days ago

    Skip E. Bayless

    Would you like to Steph's n*ts in your mouth? Shooting a shot when there is .1 second left on the clock is not "trying" to be like steph

  • Hunter Haygood posted 838 days ago

    Hunter Haygood

    Your piece on Harden's D in the NYK game should simply be deleted. You clearly don't understand what happened in the play. You didn't even reference the correct players involved in the play. And Harden wasn't complaining about Terry (NOT Brewer) defense, he was looking out for Terry because NYK defender Thomas literally grabbed him by the neck from behind. Please, educate yourself on pieces you are writing.

  • Hunter Haygood posted 838 days ago

    Hunter Haygood

    Yo! Why was my comment deleted on the post about Harden's defense in the NYK game? I was simply pointing out that your entire article was factually incorrect - it was Terry, not Brewer that stole the ball, and Harden was not yelling at Terry to play better D, he was simply pointing out (and rightfully so) that NYK Thomas had grabbed Terry by the neck to get to the ball. As many, many commenters have pointed out on your bulletin board below, you are a hack writer.