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I grew up watching the wonderful, terrifying Knicks teams of the late-'90s.

From Jan. 2007 to May 2013 I lived in China, teaching English and watching morning NBA games on Chinese Central Television.

Last summer I started an online movement to keep Pablo Prigioni in New York. It was so successful that, not only did Pablo stay, he read the article and discussed it on an Argentinian ESPN interview show: (7:45 mark, en espanol)
This is the absolute highlight of my life.

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  • Frederick Compton posted 1438 days ago

    Frederick Compton

    Who are the top 5 players in the HISTORY of the National Basketball Association? (I am not referring to "starting" 5. I referring to the top 5 players period!-any position-in NBA History)

  • Jaques Carter posted 1452 days ago

    Jaques Carter

    Would the bulls be like the eastern conference Oklahoma city thunder if they acquire Carmelo Anthony?

  • Jaques Carter posted 1452 days ago

    Jaques Carter

    Do you think the Harrison Twins can climb up the draft board due to their NCAA tournament run?

  • Cornell Kelly posted 1475 days ago

    Cornell Kelly

    Hey so what do you think about the future 2015 Knicks roster with Melo, Rondo, Love, Omer Asik, Hardaway, Shumpert, Pablo, and maybe JR. What are the Knicks chance of that happening? Melo said he is ready to take a pay cut.

  • felipe villalona posted 1483 days ago

    felipe villalona

    Hey why dont you comment on why the The Champion Miami Heat havent been video bombing?

  • Miles Jones posted 1495 days ago

    Miles Jones

    I thought you might find this post pretty interesting Mr. Flynn. Lebron James' sons' basketball team, the Miami City Ballers, just released a new video entitled 'Miami City Ballers Bash Video'. The video is a player verse parent game. I know how people are intrigued with watching Lebron James Jr.'s basketball skills, and in this video he displays some pretty awesome moves like his father in his youth. Not only is Fab Five great, Juwan Howard's son in the video, but so is the retired Miami Heat vet. I thought it was awesome to seeJuwan Howard in action as a father on the court.
    Check it out! It may be worth a post!:

    The video was directed by Oz Productions and the song 'Shine (Jewelry)' was created by Benjamin Bill and the Fire Starter. AWESOME VIDEO! These kids have talent.

    Thanks for your time,
    Miles Jones

  • MARVIN FRIEDMAN posted 1523 days ago


    who will the 76ers actually get IF the draft were TODAY?????

  • Mary Ann Rathschmidt posted 1594 days ago

    Mary Ann  Rathschmidt

    Joe, That Erick is a class act. It so nice to get support from fellow writers. He must be jealous cause he doesn't have the balls to do a big balls dance.

  • Mary Ann Rathschmidt posted 1604 days ago

    Mary Ann  Rathschmidt

    Joe, Looking forward to reading more of your work.