I like two things: sports and writing and fried chicken and music and comedy. I do not like math. In an effort to parlay my loves, I ate fried chicken while playing playing my guitar. My greasy fingers made the results comical, but there was still a gaping internal hole. I had left behind some of my love.

So I decided to write about sports. Fulfillment tastes almost as sweet as chicken...and remarkably similar.

I would also like to thank my wonderful wife and our five beautiful children for persevering through this sport's affliction.

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  • Michael Taylor posted 1503 days ago

    Michael Taylor

    Richard, seriously everybody wants to know EXACTLY how much research you did on the Elisha Shaw article or did you, as most of us suspect, just pull stuff out of your @ss? I mean, literally reach into the lower end of your intestinal tract, pull something out and throw it on the computer screen? I've seen some crappy (pardon the pun) writing on BR but this article was BY FAR the worst. His injury was back in August, for Pete's sake!

  • Lucinda Hester posted 1503 days ago

    Lucinda Hester

    Richard, you DO know that Elisha Shaw broke his neck (happened at his High school practice recently) and the only school to HONOR his scholarship offer was UA- the others backed out- but UA decided to honor the scholarship and allow him a special spot on the team anyway even though he will NEVER play football again. You might want to edit that article you did today. js...... your article>> "Crimson Tide Land 3-Star DT Shaw" February 5, 2014

  • Andrew Branch posted 1574 days ago

    Andrew Branch

    Where do you live? I saw you used a News & Observer link for a game. Does that mean you're from the Triangle?

  • Matthew Rodriquez posted 1625 days ago

    Matthew Rodriquez

    Hey Richard how you been? Read your article...wasn't to impressed with Kap the other day but he didn't make any huge mistakes and the run game was out of this world. Thinking he may put up stats similar to alex smith this year with a few more Ints. The run game and defense may have to carry the niners if they want to make the playoffs this season. We will see I guess. I think he definitely has the capability of going off and throwing for 300+ yards but he has lacked consistency so far this season.

  • mary success posted 1667 days ago

    mary success

    Richard, regarding your article on the Barclays Adam Scott "win", please can you do an article on the anchored putterr? I feel it is very unfair to thoes in the field that do not use the anchored putter. Do a story on Adam Scott, this guy never won anything until he started anchoring his putter. Look at his putter head, it has so much contraptions on it. Why is this the case? - In my opinion, all to gain advantage over the field. Let Adam use a putter that does not give him advantage. If he still wins, then we willl all be impressed

  • Tony Griffin posted 1692 days ago

    Tony Griffin

    The spread of sports this "chucker" covers, demonstrates the lack of knowledge he actually possesses in the realm of athletics. Please focus on one - maybe two sports, and research them. Our friend Mr. Langford here is a great example for why national media loses out to the local guys in terms of credibility. Dig deeper man. Don't let Bleacher Report be your soap box for your own agenda. Cover stories with factual evidence and dig a little deeper than what you already knew or what you watched on ESPN. I rate your work a D. It is as if you are not following the guidelines Bleacher Report lays out for writing articles.
    Take Care,

    P.S. Never write about the Flyers again.

  • Erik Engberg posted 1716 days ago

    Erik Engberg

    That flyers article was seriously just terrible. if the flyers are desperate for getting lacavalier the the bruins are in extreme desperation panic mode for signing iginla? jesus...

  • Kevin McCabe posted 1725 days ago

    Kevin McCabe

    I suggest you pick a sport and focus on it, your Soccer articles are atrocious (particularly the Cavani and United article) and by the looks of these comments, you could use work on your other sports as well.

  • Sports Lover posted 1753 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • khara barnard posted 1778 days ago

    khara barnard

    will vegas ever get a professional team (of any REAL sport)???