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  • Bernie Ollila posted 1861 days ago

    Bernie Ollila


    My bad on the late response(s). Davis is a historic underachiever who may be able to do something in Philly with the staff Kelly put together for him, though I'm sure you know that now.

    I honestly don't think Lazor can do much with Vick about making him better. But, I do think he'd be able help him transition into what Kelly wants him to be.

  • Bernie Ollila posted 1886 days ago

    Bernie Ollila

    Dude, if they could get Horton, that'd be awesome.

  • Bernie Ollila posted 1888 days ago

    Bernie Ollila

    It's up. Don't completely tear me to shreds!

  • Bernie Ollila posted 1888 days ago

    Bernie Ollila

    hahaha I'm going to get balls-deep in this tonight.

    The draft just got a whoooooooooooooole lot more interesting.

  • Peter Brown posted 1994 days ago

    Peter Brown

    haha nice comments!

  • Breana Pitts posted 2111 days ago

    Breana Pitts

    Lol thanks for the post and your support. I'll try my best!

  • K B posted 2323 days ago

    K B

    Heh. So much for the Bears not scoring 13 points.... Next time, follow the trends. Vick is now 0-4 as a starter and Lovie is 7-2 on MNF.

  • joel saldivar posted 2323 days ago

    joel saldivar

    Hey Baxter you told me to go play baseball after the Philadelphia Eagles beat another weak tem in their division the Dallas Cowboys after beating another terrible team in their division the Redskins and you told me to play baseball well I need a second baseman because the Eagles played a good team outside of their division and lost and Vick was contained so practice for our baseball team is next tuesday!!!!