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Sky Sports subtitler and freelance football writer.

Everton Featured Columnist on B/R, but also enjoy individual player and performance analysis, generally using a statistical theme.

Work the odd shift for Bleacher Report's Breaking News Team.


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  • Cal Gildart posted 1213 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    As always, you're more than welcome. Good stuff.

  • Cal Gildart posted 1258 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    That makes sense. I couldn't see the tweet in the editor, but B/R needs first names on first mentions all the same. Nice one.

  • Cal Gildart posted 1359 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    Not a problem, Matt. Great piece.

  • Jon Anderson posted 1410 days ago

    Jon  Anderson

    Hey Matt, any chance you plan on writing an article about how this new 'B' team could affect Everton bringing in strong loan deals? Wouldn't teams be more likely to place a young player on their 'B' squad then loan them out?

  • David Teo posted 1528 days ago

    David Teo

    Hey, matt (I'm gonna assume you are the most knowledgeable Everton fan and very well respected in the Everton section). So, If you don't mind my asking.

    WHY Did David Moyes Leave Everton For Manchester United ???

    1. Money?
    2. DM Favourite Football team is Manchester United?lol
    3. DM Favourite Player is Wayne Rooney?lol
    4. DM Favourite Colour is RED?lol
    5. DM Favourite Stadium is Old Trafford?lol

    What are your thoughts on this matter?

    Imo, David Moyes should have stayed and achieved with Everton! In 11 years at Everton,he was a great manager there. David Moyes can become a LEGEND at Everton. But now, David Moyes was booed and taunted by Everton fans (during Everton's visit to Old Trafford) haha i Really Don't Understand..Can You Explain ? =)

  • AMD Y posted 1601 days ago

    AMD Y

    You are an Everton and probably a very knowledgeable one.
    I would like to have your opinion on Gerard Deulofeu.
    I am a Barcelona and was hoping I'll get a good review from you regarding our youth prospect.

  • George Beckham posted 1618 days ago

    George Beckham

    own it?

  • Alex B posted 1670 days ago

    Alex B

    Oh right, I didn't realise they gave you specific titles to write on, I thought you just wrote your own and they approved them. That said, although your stuff on Everton is by far my favourite of all our writers, I'd have thought they'd have given it to someone else to do. Every other clubs seems to get one.

    I agree with that though. The control and fluidity in our play was exciting, but Distin and Jagielka seemed to be worryingly out of sync. There appeared (at least to me) as though there was a lack of communication and they were both playing as individual defenders, rather than a defensive partnership. I fear that against a team (all due respect) better than Norwich, they could be split quite easily with a smart pass. David Silva, Juan Mata, Coutinho etc. could have a field day against us. But on a more positive note, the attack was good.

    I'm also very happy Barkley made an impression. I knew of his existence a few years back, but little more than that, so I can't claim to have followed him like you. That said, my best friend played along side him in their Sunday league team (a long time ago) and said that his manager actually told his dad during a game; 'This Barkley kid is going to go on to captain England one day', such was his talent. I imagine it seemed a slightly over the top comment at the time, but he must have been showing a LOT of promise from a young age to have something said about him like that. My mates' only real memories of it was that he was very good, very scary and managed to knock out a spectator, behind the goal, with a stray shot :P

    I agree with that as well. Although we had a lot of control, we seemed more concerned with that at times, than actually scoring. A few wayward passes can be forgiven if they are trying to split the defense. It was reminiscent of Arteta; afraid to shoot in case he gave the ball away, always choosing to play it out to the wings. Overall I am very happy with the performance though, and hope we can build on it next week.

    I hope you do get more of them, they're my personal favourite as well.

  • Alex B posted 1671 days ago

    Alex B

    Hey Matt, do you reckon you could do a '5 things we learned' or something similar for the Everton - Norwich game? Would love to hear your opinion on the performance.

  • Liam Knox posted 1685 days ago

    Liam Knox

    I'm gonna assume you're an Everton fan? Could you tell me your thoughts on Seamus Coleman?