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University of Delaware and Lower Merion High School alum.

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  • Once you go Silver and Black posted 55 days ago

    Once you go Silver and Black

    why do you write articles, that have comments at the bottom, then close the comment section? i've heard all your types excuses, but if you're going to spew propaganda, then don't make it so obvious who you work for, just write articles that don't contain the ability for the public to react. just spew your propaganda properly, makes you look less obvious

  • Jeff Nixon posted 132 days ago

    Jeff Nixon


  • Ronny T posted 371 days ago

    Ronny T

    Interesting that you race baited instead of using this definition:

    a group of people who have a common characteristic, occupation, or purpose.
    "he pompously led around a posse of medical students"

  • Trent Smith posted 375 days ago

    Trent Smith

    It's not just you, but all of Bleacher Report needs to knock it off with political articles. Nobody comes here to read about what athletes think about politics

  • John Tedesco posted 831 days ago

    John Tedesco

    The majority of your Eastern Conference predictions I can agree with do a degree. But the Knicks and the Pacers ahead of the Pistons? And the Knicks at 40 wins?!? You are out of your mind. Outside of Afflalo and Lopez, their additions were the 9th, 10th, & 11th guys on their respective former teams. That can't help you! Derrick Williams averaged 2 rebounds in 19m/game! Kyle O'Quin averaged 16m/game with a ton of DNPCD's! You're expecting Lance Thomas and Kevin Seraphin to get you to 40 wins?!? You trade away Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, & Tim Hardaway - your only wing scorers outside of Carmelo - and you only got Arron Afflalo in return? Porzingis is intriguing but let me know the last time a 7'2, 220 lb white guy not named Dirk did anything in this league. If you think Carmelo, with a bum cast and a rookie as your starting PG, is going to lead this team to 40 win, you're out of your mind.
    Indiana has no chance at being ahead of Detroit without a starting frontcourt.

  • Rob Bricker posted 881 days ago

    Rob Bricker

    "return to the rust belt"? What is this, the 1980s? Should he go to a "totally bitchin'" team instead? Maybe the Cavs should "do lunch" with him, or instead go for some "totally wicked" outside shooter. Anyway - if you want to backhandedly slam a city, it'd be better to find some actual, up to date, jargon to do it rather than devolve to the slang of the 80s.

  • Matt Smith posted 919 days ago

    Matt Smith

    Alec - And why no mention of the Hawk's losing their best defensive player up in NY? He was the guy who played Lebron. He was the Hawk's best defensive player in the Hawks reg season games against the Cavs. But no mention of him not being in the finals. Nor the impact of his lose.

  • Matt Smith posted 919 days ago

    Matt Smith

    Alec - You do know that Lebron didn't play in the Mar 6 game against the Hawks. Didn't you? If you did know it then why leave it out of your blog?

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 1279 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan


    Not really.

  • James Lay posted 1298 days ago

    James Lay

    you look like johnny manziel